Best Menopause Supplements In India

Best Menopause Supplements In India

Best Menopause Supplements in India – “Menopause is your return to where you were before when your hormones levels are the same as a pre-adolescent girl’s.” It is the hormonal process, happens in every female and causes the physical and emotional changes in their bodies. It is actually the time when the menstrual periods stop permanently and you can no longer get pregnant. In this article, we will let you know about the Best Menopause Supplements in India 2019.

Best Menopause Supplements in India

Menopause is the end of women fertility and further menstrual cycle. According to the statistics, In India, According to the 2011 census, there were about 96 million women in the age of 45 years and above. It is expected that there will be an increase in number to 401 million in 2026. Thus, there is a constant increase in the number if females towards the menopause cycle.

What are the Menstrual Cycle and its symptoms, causes of irregular periods?

The menstrual cycle is the monthly changes in the woman’s body. Each month, one of the ovaries releases an egg and this process called ovulation. The length of menstrual periods depends on an individual’s health. On average, it takes 28 days for the regular periods. Below mentioned are some of the symptoms of periods.

  • Mood Swings.
  • Abdominal cramping.
  • Bloating.
  • Food cravings.
  • Headaches.
  • Muscle aches.

Other than the symptoms sometimes periods might be irregular which can cause due to the various reasons. The changes in the body’s level of the hormones estrogen can also disrupt the normal pattern of periods. The following are some causes of irregular periods.

  • Birth Control Pills.
  • Overexercise.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Hyperthyroidism.

The List of Best Menopause Supplements in India for Women 2019

It is very important to take care of women health during and after menopause. During the menopause, there are sudden changes in the hormones which increase the risk of many serious health problems. After the menopause, there might be hot flashes, mood changes, and vaginal dryness. To combat this many of the supplements are designed but it is difficult to decide the best one. To help you out we will let you know about the Best Menopause supplements for women in India.

Arlak UcBEST Syrup For Menopause

Best Menopause Supplements in India

Arlak UcBEST syrup is the perfect blend of ayurvedic herbs which helps in treating the menstrual problems. It is advised to consume 1-2 tablespoon twice a day after the meal for the effective results. Other than this, it is a beneficial formula for treating the following problems with instant relief.

  • Lower and Back Pain.
  • Abdominal Cramps.
  • Prevents Anemia.
  • Treats Irregular Periods.
  • Provides Energy and Stamina.

Product Available at Rs 130/-

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Utrovel Syrup – Ayurvedic Uterine Tonic

Best Menopause Supplements in India

It is a flavoured tonic which helps in curing the ailments in the female body. Utrovel Syrup is the best formula for maintaining regular periods. It also helps in reducing the risks of breast cancer, blood clots, and strokes. Utrovel Syrup is 100% ayurvedic uterine tonic which protects women from the problems during the menstrual periods. It also helps in treating the following issues.

  • Blood purification.
  • Strengthens the uterus.
  • Maintains hormonal imbalance.
  • Treats menstrual disorders.
  • Controls infections.
  • Maintains the PH of the vagina.

Product Available at Discounted Rate Rs 112/-

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UcBest Capsules for Menopause

UcBest Capsules are beneficial for the treatment of lower and back pain. These capsules are an effective remedy for treating irregular menstruation, and premenopausal problems including Vaginal discharge and uterine disorder. These capsules contain strong and effective ingredients like as follows.

  • Amla.
  • Sonth.
  • Giloy.
  • Lodhra Tvak.
  • Chikni Supari.
  • Ashwagandha.

Product Available at Rs 180/-

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We hope that this article is beneficial for you and we have erased all the doubts from your mind. All the above mentioned are the products which help in treating menopause and irregular menstrual cycle. These are the best products in the India market and with its herbal blend, they have no side-effects. Therefore, now it’s your turn to choose the Best Menopause products for having a healthy and hygienic life.

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