Sea Buckthorn Supplement Uses And Risks

Sea Buckthorn Supplement Uses And Risks

Sea buckthorn supplement uses and risks – Sea buckthorn plant is used to treat a number of diseases. Its leaves, flowers and seeds are used to make medicine. The plant treats arthritis, gastrointestinal ulcers, gout and skin rashes caused by infectious diseases such as measles. Sea buckthorn oil also helps in curing the decline of thinking skills with age; reducing illness due to cancer, as well as limiting the toxicity of chemical cancer treatment (chemotherapy), balancing the immune system. Let us know below Sea buckthorn supplement uses and risks.

Sea buckthorn supplement uses and risks

Sea buckthorn removes free radicals molecules that can damage cells. Most scientific evidence is from animal studies. People usually consume sea buckthorn specifically for:

  • Treats stomach or intestinal problems.
  • Improves blood pressure or blood cholesterol.
  • Prevents or manages blood vessel or heart disease.
  • Complements cancer treatment.
  • Boosts immunity and prevents infections.
  • Treats obesity.
  • Improves symptoms of cirrhosis.
  • Improves eyesight or dry eyes.
  • Treats respiratory problems such as asthma, colds, and pneumonia.

Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Supplements

Sea buckthorn posses the number of health benefits and also used in many medicines. Below are a few more benefits of sea buckthorn.

Sea buckthorn supplements uses and risks
Sea buckthorn supplements uses and risks
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Rich in Nutrients

Purely Rich with nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and beneficial plant compounds. Sea buckthorn oil is quite beneficial. It is naturally full of antioxidants. This helps to protect your body against aging and illnesses like cancer and heart disease.
Its leaves and seeds are also mugged with quercetin. A flavonoid linked that helps to lower blood pressure and a reduced risk of heart disease.

Promotes Heart Health

It helps to promote the health of the heart perfectly. For starters, its antioxidants may help to reduce risk factors of heart disease. Including blood clots, blood pressure, and blood cholesterol levels.
In one small study, 12 healthy men were given either 5 grams of sea buckthorn oil or coconut oil per day.

May Protect Against Diabetes

Sea buckthorn oil may also help to prevent diabetes. Animal studies show that it may help to reduce blood sugar levels by increasing insulin secretion. And insulin sensitivity. Sea buckthorn oil after a carb-rich meal, minimize blood sugar spikes.
Because frequent, long-term blood sugar spikes can increase your risk of type diabetes. Preventing them is expected to reduce your risk.

Protects Your Skin

When applied directly Sea buckthorn stimulates the skin health by activating the skin cells. Test-tube and animal studies show that the oil may help stimulate skin regeneration, helping wounds heal more quickly.

Similarly, animal studies reveal that sea buckthorn oil may also help to reduce inflammation following UV exposure, protecting skin against sun damage (22Trusted Source).

What are the risks of taking sea buckthorn?

Sea buckthorn risks

As a food, sea buckthorn is probably safe and if you intake this for 6 months then there will be no harm as a medicine.

Side Effects

There are quite fewer side effects from sea buckthorn have been reported. In some people who had:

  • High blood pressure
  • Swelling
  • Headache
  • Dizziness and
  • Palpitations.
  • It causes rashes on the skin.

Sea buckthorn also turns blood thinner, causing bleeding. It may also cause low blood sugar in people with diabetes who take medication to lower blood sugar.

Can you get sea buckthorn naturally from foods?

The juices or extracts of sea buckthorn can be found in some jellies, juices, purees, sauces, drinks, and liquors. Usually, people do not eat the berries because they are acidic and the ratio of sea buckthorn in some food is typically much less than that used for medicinal purposes.


The aforementioned is the entire information regarding the Sea buckthorn supplement uses and risks. The entire detail will make you aware of the risk and benefits of Sea buckthorn. With few risks, this plant offers the number of health benefits and is used to treat many symptoms of and diseases. The use of sea buckthorn is also done to make many medicines.

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